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ServiceIQ is a software application
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How Can ServiceIQ Help You?

Simple customer service software that scales with your business.

Connecting Service Providers to Clients

ServiceIQ is aimed at making it easy for clients to find and contract service providers through a request based model. This is achieved by enabling the registration of various service providers that receive service requests by industry of specialty.

Clients have an option of a Mobile Application OR Web Application (MyServiceIQ) for interacting with Service Providers whereas service providers use an SP Admin Web Application to interact with clients.

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Works across all devices

The ServiceIQ App works across all devices including Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry. Since our launch the App has been deployed on the Google Play Android Store and has a decent number of downloads.

We have also built the app to accommodate older versions of mobile device operating systems. The oldest Android version supported is 4.2.

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Built in a modular approach

ServiceIQ solution is built using a modular approach. In catering for the differences within the various service industry sectors, we are able to deploy unique CRM modules that address challenges within these sectors.

One of the modules already in place is the “Bookings Management CRM module” for the healthcare sector. The module allows healthcare service providers to upload their existing clients onto ServiceIQ and subsequently create ServiceIQ accounts for the clients. The clients will then be required to activate their ServiceIQ accounts to be able to slot themselves into the service provider’s calendar for bookings.

Manage Self Bookings

Through the Bookings Management CRM Module, known as “Scheduler”, “Known Clients” are able to access the calendars of their preferred service providers on the ServiceIQ App. The clients are also able to select areas of speciality when creating service requests, like dentistry or dermatology.

This is purely on the basis of the specialities available on the side of the service provider to which the request is directed. This in essence allows the clients to slot themselves into the service provider’s calendar without needing interaction with the service providers.

Not Known Clients will also be able to send “Specific to you” service requests to the service provider while also using “Scheduler”. However these clients will not have access rights or privileges to view the calendar of the service provider. This means that the service provider will still need to confirm the slot availability before the booking is final.

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