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About ServiceIQ

ServiceIQ is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that enables the effective online engagement and interaction between clients and service providers through a request based model while using instant messaging as the core communication technology.

A Client is able to create a service request on the ServiceIQ Mobile Application or the MyServiceIQ Web Application and direct the request either to a chosen specific service provider or broadcast the request to a pool of registered service providers belonging to the industry within which the client has a service need.

A Service Provider is able to receive a service request either as a “Specific to you request” or “Broadcast request”. The “Specific to you request” is directed to one service provider and is visible to no one else. The broadcast request is published to all the service providers belonging to the industry within which the client has a service need. Broadcast requests have a threshold on the number of service providers that are able to respond to them

Upon receiving a “specific to you request”, the service provider will acknowledge the request by sending a response message to the client. The client will get an email confirming that the service provider has acknowledged their request. The client can then interact with the service provider on the ServiceIQ Mobile App or the MyServiceIQ Web App using instant messaging until the request is fulfilled and the service is delivered.

Upon receiving a “broadcast request”, a service provider is able to send a response message against the broadcast request for as long as the response threshold is not met for that request. A service provider can only respond once to a “broadcast request”.

Once the response threshold is met, additional service providers will no longer be able to respond to the service request. Once all the desired responses are in, the client will interact with all the responding service providers using instant messaging as the communication technology.

All service providers responding to a “broadcast request” are able to create quotes on the ServiceIQ platform. Once a quote is created, it will then be sent to the client either through the ServiceIQ Mobile App or on the MyServiceIQ Web Interface.

The client will then be able to appoint a service provider by allocating the service request to them on the bases of the interaction as well as the quote received by accepting the quote. Once the quote is accepted it will be automatically converted to an invoice. The client will then be able to make payment against the invoice either using cash or credit card.

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