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Simple, scalable customer service software. Everything in one place, no matter how big you get.

  • ServiceIQ support ticket software

    CRM Modules

    CRM modules are built and deployed in a modular fashion which makes them easier to manage.

  • Live chat software

    Live Chat

    Service Providers are able to INSTANTLY chat with clients using Web Interface while clients chat on ServiceIQ mobile App.

  • Self-service helpdesk, showing the knowledgebase

    Service Ratings

    Ratings generally enforce both the clients and service providers to up their standards and conduct.

  • Click-to-call and phone integration in ServiceIQ

    Service Request

    Clients are able to create service requests for a given service sector and publish the request across all service providers within the sector.

  • CRM and rich customer profiles

    Booking Management

    With ServiceIQ all future bookings will happen electronically on the browser interface.

  • Customer service insights and helpdesk reports

    Invoice and Quotes

    In the request acknowledgment phase, service providers are able to generate quotes online which are then automated for visibility on the clients interface.

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